If this city is a living body, It doesn’t have any skin!


How did you started thinking about your first exhibition in Vietnam? Was life here inspired you?


I don't really understand the first part of the question. Why did i exhibit? Because i have to do it. The artist needs exhibition like everyone need sex or laughter. I have to make something to share my creativity to everyone. And the importance thing of a French artist living in Vietnam like me is that i can talk about something other than Vietnam.

What did you see in Vietnam culture, specifically the things related to the general culture, the walls, the way people talk on the phone...?

I'm making a photobook about this subject, just Black and White photos, i feel this is a form of responsibility while i was living here. Two things are happening here. The first is that the society is more transforming, so it is very searching for the new format. I like the changing period and instability of the trust. Secondly, which the French, the magic is why many strange things can happening on the streets like that. If the city is a living body, I think it doesn't have any skin. Everything naked at public.

Fortunately, you are an artist, you see everything in life as material for creation. But try to imagining you are not an artist, what were disturb you when everything in Vietnam are happening on the streets, a living body that have no skin?

Before be an artist, I'm still is a living individual. And I'm sure I'm not the only foreigner stunned by the street activities. Occassionally, there was a lot of noise in the morning, it looks like Vietnamese are extremely interested in making noise.

Are there people try to touch you because you look unusual? Or for example, they respect your privacy or do not ask for permission when they do something related to you?

You said like those is your experience (laugh). Now, we are arguing about behavior in public, everything being getting worse... Like you said, everything is happening on the street and people think they own that public space.

I used to live in Switzerland, where no one touches others. Maybe it's the country that people are always too serious and deep in their soul, too cold. A slowly occurrent nightmare form. Suppose like you and me, everyone have a facebook account, this is still our timeline, whether it is worse or better.

What about the public places in Vietnam, where are not hygienic?

Well, French is well-known about dirty. Don't you know that the Japanese tourists undergo a period of psychological preparation before coming to Paris? If not they will be choking by dust.

So, such as facebook are also considered as a public space, what do you think about the way Vietnamese people are using this "space"?

With the new generation, tentatively called, they spend more time on facebook than malls, restaurants or streets. But I want to stress that 99% foreigners come to Vietnam to explore the difference behavior and habits with their country. You have to accept that you are living in Vietnam, another country. whether to admit that sometime i want to scream because so much things in here make me crazy.

For example?

Mainly about work. When someone says "yes", but he think and do the opposite. Honestly, for me it is hard to stay calm. Also, when i had just came to Vietnam, I always have to bought more expensive than the other. But I realize, in my country, i had to pay 20 times. So, after that, when i buy something, i feel quite pleasant.

Back on your first exhibition in Vietnam - "Trust/Doubt", what do you expect the reaction of public opinion. More Trust or More Doubt?

Do you noticed that the name of it: "Trust/Doubt", not "Trust or Doubt". It's not a choice, It is the emotional is happening in one moment.