Luxury Guide of Vietnam


Article by An Nguyen published in Luxury Guide of Vietnam, Edition Rob Report,

Vietnam, 2012

Truc-Anh was born and raised in Paris. When he was a child, he was cherished the dream of becoming an artist. After graduated from Ecole Supérieure d'Art Appliqués Boulle in Paris (France), Truc-Anh entered in La Cambre, National Superior School of Visual Arts in Brussel (Belgium) and High School of Visual Art in Lausanne (Swizerland). He also taught at the Prize of Mangael Fondation and National School of Belgium. Until now, Truc-Anh still pursues a career in teaching, which he really loves.

He was awarded Photo Europa Prize 2010. Now, Truc-Anh's paintings are on display at Galerie Albus Lux (Nertherland), Galerie Quynh (Vietnam), and Galerie Sator (France). Galerie Sator chose Truc-Anh's paintings to exhibit at Drawing Now 2013 in Paris, one of the most prestigious exhibitions in Europe. His paintings often expresses the cavalier and infinity by those themes give him the distinct feeling, from the cold beauty to the violent rebellion. In his work, he wish to unleash the life threatening cloud of anxiety and turbulence

In addition to painting, he also works in the field of film, showing, sculpture and photography. His works are also displayed at Islington Hotel at Tasmania. Currently, he associates with a graphic artist at London (England) to release a photo book about Vietnam, which is one of the most importance projects to Truc-Anh, particularly to his relationship with his homeland. Now, Truc-Anh collaborating with Galerie Quynh to prepare for Exhibition of Art Basel Hong Kong 2013. He has participated several Group exhibitions in Europe, especially is 30 ans du Mai-Photographies by Claire Bresson (2010), and White Spirit 1 and 2 by Tania Nasielski (2009 - 2010)