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Vietnam, October 2013


Q - Where is the idea of Sadako L'Insulaire come from?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_GQO1oWEwg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was already very scared about ghosts, about darkness. I grew up in a very dark house. I never open windows of room. I was deeply double, already. During day i was very joyful with my friends and during night it was he opposite.
Sadako, the main character of the Japanese trilogy Ringu, personify all that fear of emptiness and loneliness, i kept in me during years. She s a strange girl living on a Island with her grand mother.

On day of 2007, Claire Bresson, my agent and Director of Photo Europa Agency, proposed me a Residency of artist, on a nearly desert island, in a tower near light house, alone during one month! I was super scared to make that experience but I decide to go there and make a video as if I was my own fear. 

Art is not only a story of pleasure. To make a really strong art piece you have to dig very deep inside yourself.

Q - In which situation that you come up with the music? Was it come from a piece of music you love or when you are imagining the scene of the clip or while you are revise the visual of Sadako L'Insulaire?

The first version of Sadako l'Insulaire was in total silence. Not any sound.
Three years latter, in Vietnam, I decide to use a music i made with friends in Belgium...They are a a bit crazy and make "noise music" and performances. http://vimeo.com/72577524#at=0

One day, i came to visit my friend in their warehouse which is also their studio. I just came to borrow some DVD and finally I stay 24h. We made music all that long. I really don't know how to sing but I scream in the microphone a lot! The soundtrack of Sadako l'Insulaire come from this wonderful and very deep experience. I only make the voice screaming in the background but I very proud of it.


Q - What is your thought about the reaction of audience to your two exhibitions in Quynh Gallery last year? 

People were very curious. Most of the public focus on one or two paintings. But it was very always different pieces. Some people hate my show because they did not understand. Some other really love for the same reason! If my work challenge the viewer it s already great.

I think for my family it was very weird. i don't want to explain my work with one "concept" as we use to see in contemporary art. I break a traditional sens of harmony, of beauty. I talk about fear, violence, darkness. In many way my work is a total opposition of my vietnamese education of beauty!!


Q - Have you ever lost control or restrain yourself from your own creativity because of its borderless? 

I had a photo censored recently. But don't wait for me to restrain myself. I ve spend this past 10 years to pass through my own limit.  No only in art.

Q - Which painting is your utmost creativity in your opinion? Or which one did give you the most inspiration when doing it? 

I like Crying King. I like to be surprised by my work. Even if I painted 3 years ago this work is still an enigma to me.
But my favorite painting is still the one I ll make tomorrow.

Q - There are a lot of digital visual effects were used in your works so I wonder that if technology is an initial part in making the successful and conveying more sense and feel to a visual work in your opinion?

Actually it s not a lot. I work on this serie of photo title "La Poupée des Indes". The first of that serie where just the simple negative film. Without switching the color. Basically it s more real than what we use to see. It s how the process of photography was before the digital. Sometimes I work my photo with photoshop but the least as possible.

Visual effect is a huge and commun trappe when you start. Because you can loose the essential. That s why I decided to paint with only black and white. This is so simple. The beauty come from the truth. Even if this truth is violent, weird, disturbing or ugly. The truth you put in your act will make them beautiful.