Conversation Tania Nasielski / Truc-Anh


Conversation with Tania Nasielski, Curator

Recorded in Brussel, Belgium, 2010


Vidéo projected for the Opening Talk of 30 Years Anniversary of FESTIVAL MAI PHOTOGRAPHIE

Curator Claire Bresson for Photo Europa

 April 25, 2010, Théatre Max Jacob, Quimper, France


Tania Nasielski is Curator and owner of 105 Besme art space. She organised the group show "Plasticiens en mouvement" at  à the Biennale of Dakar in Senegal, and at De Markten in Brussel, Belgium.  She curated as well "Tales of the city" a Artefiera in Bologna, Italy and "Hexen 2039" at Chelsea Space, Science Museum and the British Museum in Londres, United Kingdom.