Je = Ici



March 22 - April 29, 2010

Roosendaal, Netherlands

- solo show + guests -

  • Delphine Deguislage    (BE)
  • Guiilaume Baronnet     (FR)
  • Jean Baptiste Biche       (BE)
  • Laura Elayne Miller      (USA)
  • Gilles Furtwängler        (CH)
  • Regis Tosetti                  (UK)
  • Julien Meert                   (BE)


For his second show at Galerie Albus Lux, Truc-Anh (1983, based in Brussels) invited eight artists from Belgium, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, USA and France to present a piece of work around this enigma : JE = ICI. (I = HERE).

"JE = ICI is a sentence I often think about when I'm front of my paintings to envisage them. It talks about my ever changing state of mind. Through my practice I understood that identity is not the result from a definitive choice (be it conceptual or esthetical) but rather of the continuous slide that simultaneously brings me closer or further from these conceptions. . All these contradictions define, at the very same time, the complexe space of identity.

From this perspective, I wanted to invite extremely various artists from all fields of artistic media (sculpture, video, writing, performance..) to work, interpret, appropriate and transform themselves this fundamental enigma."